Denver Ordered to Stay Home, Certain Healthcare Operations Excluded

On March 23, 2020, Denver Public Health Administrator Robert McDonald issued a Stay at Home Order.  The Order requires all individuals in the City and County of Denver to stay at home, except for limited essential activities, including “Healthcare Operations.”  Individuals are permitted to leave their homes to both work at and obtain services from these Healthcare Operations.

The Order provides the following list of examples of Healthcare Operation, but notes the term will be construed broadly to avoid any impacts to the delivery of healthcare.  Finally, health clubs, fitness and exercise gyms, and similar facilities are not included in the exemption.

Healthcare Operations:

  • Hospitals, clinics, and walk-in health facilities;
  • Medical and dental care, excluding elective procedures;
  • Research and laboratory services;
  • Medical wholesale and distribution;
  • Home health care companies, workers, and aides;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies;
  • Behavioral health care providers;
  • Nursing homes, residential health care, or congregate care facilities;
  • Medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers, or any related and/or ancillary healthcare services;
  • Veterinary care, livestock services, and all healthcare services provided to animals; and
  • Animal shelters and pet boarding services.

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